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Sion Sono




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21-year-old Kyoko is an emerging artist brimming with self-confidence and entitlement. Not unlike other creatives, she often falls into a slump and takes her frustration out on her 36-year-old assistant, Noriko. Kyoko behaves like a queen and nonchalantly humiliates Noriko with demeaning, often sexually abusive, punishments in front of guests.

Just as the situation is about to spin out of control someone suddenly yells “Cut!”. The characters are actually only on set — Kyoko is in fact a meek actor starting at the bottom rungs of the entertainment industry, and Noriko is a condescending diva, a veteran actor at the top of the food chain.

Controversial filmmaker Sion Sono creates an anarchistic, radical, and beautiful film that breaks all barriers. Created as part of the Roman Porno Reboot Project, Sono has chosen the perfect opportunity to create a feminist film that challenges misogyny head on. Antiporno may be the film that will cement his reputation as a master of subversion.

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