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Annika Berg


Hurricane Poster 70x100 v7 copy.jpeg

In Team Hurricane a group of eight teen girls refuse to conform to the world’s demands. They steer a course for adulthood with brightly coloured leggings, Pikachu and a raised middle finger, and – naturally – it isn’t always a bed of roses: the world is hard and cold and becoming an adult is too.

Fimmaker Annika Berg describes her first feature film as a punk chick flick. The girls aren’t searching for romance, but for themselves and their place in this world. The film’s editing is as schizophrenic as growing up: journal shots alternate with over-stylised images of nature blooming, video clips and ads. Just like the girls rebelling against their heteronormative sex-ed and demanding their rightful place despite all their struggles, Annika Berg refuses to conform to the rules about linear narrative, classic plot structure and societally acceptable moral values. Hence the neon-green subtitles.


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